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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 20, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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provocative then i read the whole thing. again, thanks for watching us tonight, i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> we love the energy. we love the excitement. we love the vibe that's out here right now. >> if we do not prevail in this election, we will be set back for a long time. >> we must get our vote out. >> change is hard. >> make sure that we have every single voter out. >> change takes time. >> that's what is going to win this election. >> we won't see results overnight. >> folks, we the people still mean something. >> we know the other side has plenty of enthusiasm. >> but barack obama has gotten that. >> we know we have to match. >> this election is about holding our public servants in
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washington, d.c. accountable. >> based on what i see today we are going to be able to match it. >> there is a seismic change going on throughout the united states of america. >> reports of the demise of the democratic party are premature. >> come november 2nd, you're going to change a lot of things in washington. >> sean: we are now less than two weeks away from november's midterm elections and as judgment day approaches, it appears more and more likely that our generation will bear witness not to the obama revolution but to the conservative revolution led by the tea party movement. now, as members of the tea party rose to protest big government's intrusion into their lives, they also look for political candidates willing to stop the growth of government in its tracks. candidates backed by the tea party movement from florida's marco rubio to nevada's sharron angle and kentucky's rand paul are promising to do just that. south carolina senator jim demint played a crucial role in transforming the tea party from protest movement into unstoppable political force. he has publicly called for the
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g.o.p. to return to its conservative roots and supported these antiestablishment candidates in every way he can. in doing so, he has revolutionizing the republican party and in just 13 days, he may help remake america. joining me how is south carolina senator the man himself jim demint. jim, welcome to the program. apparently you are a bit of iconic class. i understand you are having a bit of problems. i notice republican senators, your colleagues have each been openly critical of you. have you taken notice of that? >> well, i have noticed that, sean. and there is some folks in the senate who really don't want to change. but i'm excited about the new republicans who are coming to the house and the senate. and i can't take much of the credit for it, sean. i think this is all about the american people. not just the tea parties but millions of people who feel the same way, who are going out to vote. they just want to stop this radical pelosi-obama agenda. they don't want the old republicans. but we have got a great slate of new republicans who are going to come into the senate and help us
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save our country. >> sean: well, i think -- you may be giving us a preview of coming attractions if you will of what might occur in 13 days. and i don't want to go too deeply into this, but you have said that, look, very publicly, you don't want to be in washington six more years with the same people that you were there with now. you said i think we have got a lot of great candidates. we are going to change the face of the republican party. what specifically do you want to change about the republican party? >> we have got to be the party of limited government, sean. we have got to support a constitutional limited government. we can't have republicans who come to washington and think it's their job to take home the bacon. i mean, that has nothing to do with our oath of office. so, we need republicans now who are going to fight for a balanced budget, to repeal obama care, who are going to stop this self-serving parochial earmark culture that we have in washington and get our budget back under control. and i think we are going to do this.
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every republican i know of who is running for the senate is running on a no ear-mark pledge and running on balancing our budget, repealing obama care. so we have got a good agenda. and if we have the majority in the house, we can actually lead the agenda and we may not be able to pass everything in the senate, because of the 60 vote rule, but we can show america what we really stand for. >> sean: all right, we know that judd greg said and suggested that repealing obama care may not be a possibility. there were reports earlier today that bob corker had said pretty much the same thing. and then he came out with a denial of that comment. are you concerned that maybe there are too many moderates in the republican party and that they don't have the same passion and commitment to limited government that do you? >> well, i think they there are some. there is no doubt about it. they may be on the chopping block in 2012 if they are not this time. we can't accept obama care because it's built on a government centric platform
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that's going to destroy the practice of medicine in america and bankrupt our country. we have to repeal it completely so we can rebuild it around the doctor-patient relationship and around giving patients more choices of insurance plans that they can afford. there are lots of good ideas that we had on the table that obama would not consider. we cannot go back and tweak obama care and expect to fix it i'm supporting candidates who are 100% for repeal. that's where we have to start. >> sean: what do you make of what i call the sore loser republican syndrome by that i'm talking about lisa murkowski and mike castle, charlie crist of florida who saw he couldn't win in the primary so he ran as an independent. what do you make of those candidates? a couple of them didn't have the nicest things to say about you, lisa murkowski for one. mike castle thinks you are very wrong about your viewpoint. you would rather lose and have pure conservatives rather than republicans who are more liberal
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or quote pragmatic? >> well, it really reveals who wants the big ten in the republican party. all of the conservatives that i have supported who have lost their primaries are supporting the republican nominee. this is not true for the moderates who lose. arlen specter left the party, charlie crist, and you are seeing the same things with lisa murkowski and mike castle not stepping up to support the republican nominee. they're hurting our party. they don't have room for conservatives. you see me supporting all of our republican nominees. they may not all be the same as i am as far as how they are going to vote, but the republican party is the only option we have this time. the democrat party is to the left of europe. and what we're trying to do in this election is reshape the republican party where it began, a limited government party, less taxes, less spending. and all of the candidates i'm backing are coming in with that pledge. >> sean: you got on board pretty early for guys like toomey and rubio and buck and rand paul and
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joe miller and christine o'donnell and you took a lot of hits for going against the establishment. is that an indicator of future events, battles to come? >> well, probably so. i mean, again, i don't want to be in washington another six years and watch the republican party betray the trust of the american people again. i mean, we had the white house. we had a majority in the house and the senate. we voted for more spending and more earmarks. most of our senior members seem to be focused on taking home the bacon. i'm not going to be in a republican party like that. and that's not what the republican party is across america. right now, sean, we are seeing america unite. not just republicans, against what's happening in washington. and they are looking for some good choices. what i have tried to do and others like sarah palin have tried to do is give republicans and americans good choices in the primaries so that on election day they can go out and not just vote against someone, they can vote for someone. >> sean: you know, it's funny, a lot of people forget ronald
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reagan challenged a sitting president, gerald ford for the nomination in 1976. there have been a lot of rumors, there has been a little bit of talk and chatter out there among some that you might be considering yourself a run for president. would you consider a run? >> no, sean. i tell you, anyone who really wants to be president right now doesn't know how much trouble our country is in. the next president is going to have to take on some challenges that no president ever has before as far as pulling us away from a financial cliff. the president is going to have to tell americans the truth if t the federal government has got to do less rather than more. we are going to have to deacon structure a lot of the wasteful agencies and you are going to have to fight every special interest group in the country. that's going to be a painful job. i'm hoping can i find someone who is a lot better than i am to do it. >> sean: i don't take that as a no but, maybe i'm reading into it. >> no. i don't plan to run for president, sean.
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>> sean: all right. thanks, senator for being with us. i appreciate it coming up, despite the party's continued disappointing poll numbers, the obamas are pleading with democrats not to give up yet are their efforts too little too late. she is the focus of one of the most talked about races this year. rising republican star south dakota star christie gnome will join me straight ahead. ask
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>> sean: tonight, there is another indication that long time massachusetts congressman barney frank is in big trouble.
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first he called in bill clinton to aid his faltering campaign and his partner turned up to heckle his opponent. in the final stretch frank has lent his own campaign 200 grand. let's hope that no amount of money can buy the congressman's popularity. we are back in 90 seconds with sandra smith, nicolle wallace michelle malkin and much, much more. or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood? (high-pitched laughter) man: hey you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood! vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> sean: all right, so with less
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than two weeks to go until election day democrats must be dreading fast approaching inevitable downfall. that doesn't mean they are ready to roll over without a fight. the president and first lady have taped a campaign video urging democrats to, quote, fight for it from now until november. >> each of you can make a difference. we have seen it before. we know we can do it again. >> all across the country, volunteers are getting ready for the final days before the election. there is no more important time than to be out there knocking on doors, making phone calls, and helping voters to get to the polls. we are asking supporters like to you sign up now for volunteer shifts on election weekend. >> now's the time to make plans. not just to vote but to help get out the vote. >> this election isn't just about one vote or one party. it's about your future. it's time to get out there and shape it it's time to get out there and fight for it. >> sean: fight for it yes, we can this latest attempt to stir the base comes as a new nbc
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"wall street journal" poll released today delivers more bad news for the democrats despite a vigorous post labor day offensive the party has still failed to cut into the g.o.p.'s lead and republicans currently hold a 50% 43% edge among likely voters. here with reaction is sandra smith from the fox business network and former white house communications director author of the brand new book, by the way, hit stores just this week with an incredible review in "u.s.a. today." i was shocked when i saw it i just started reading it. "eighteen acres" president having affair. >> he is not having the affair. the reporter is having an affair. >> sean: having affair with the first first dude. >> sean: what are you thinking in the shower? >> well, i have a very active imagination. >> sean: apparently you do. >> you know, the obamas kind of killed my run there in the white house for me. so i had to do something else with myself. >> sean: how lame -- that was
9:15 pm
pathetic, that video. >> it looks like "saturday night live." i was waiting for tina fey to show up in the corner playing a flute. it was so weird-looking. >> i don't know what was worse like the cheesy blue curtain. it was like horrible audio. and then neither of them could read a teleprompter. now we know the first lady can't read it either. >> sean: well, i mean he can usually read a teleprompter pretty imoovmentd i give him credit for that. >> it was weak. >> sean: that was bad. i felt like yes we -- can't. >> she says get fired up. i think she hit the note spot on. get fired up. nobody is fired up. i mean, we have already seen, sean. >> sean: keep fighting. >> the republicans are out there in bigger numbers. >> sean: pelosi's favorability hit new low. democrats talking about her not being speaker even if they were to maintain control not very likely. it's getting pretty vicious out there. the naacp has a report accusing
9:16 pm
the tea party of being bigots today. they have attacked fox news, talk radio, karl rove, eddie gillespie, chamber of commerce, big pharmaceuticals, big business, health care industry. >> i heard condi rice say something important last week. she talked about how people throw around the accusation of racism in such a dangerous way in this day and age. it's so sad to me that the discussion about race seems to have disintegrated in the last year. >> sean: you lived through this in bush's campaign in 2009 naacp ran that james byrd ad fairly close to the election as i recall, it accused him of horrible dragging death of james byrd who by the way two of the three guys if i remember correctly got the death penalty. >> this will go down as one of the most disgusting pieces of political advertising in history, i think. and so i really watch the democrats jumping up and down about undisclosed money and
9:17 pm
campaign cycles. they are guilty of doing more of the things that they're mad about than anyone in my party. >> sean: what do you think? >> i think this just feeds into the bigger picture is what i can look at. that's the fact that they just continue to alienate every part of their voting base. i mean, they are going after one -- if they're not going after that then they are also going after the one thing ba that we were looking at today with the younger voting base. i mean, they continue to alienate everybody who voted for them and came out in record numbers and they are just scaring them off. >> sean: the white house at 2:30 this afternoon apparently had some big conference call. i have a spy that told me everything that happened. >> you mean, they didn't invite you? [ laughter ] >> sean: i wasn't invited to the christmas party. you can believe that? shocking. by the way, if they invite me, mr. president, if you invite me, i will go. i would absolutely accept the invitation and bring you that beer that we can have a beer summit. but, anyway, so, they seem to be targeting individual groups. i guess the naacp, their hope is that they can energize the
9:18 pm
african-american community. they are going after the female vote. they seem to be going for different targeted -- >> listen to even the description of what they are doing. they are dividing the electorate because their agenda doesn't appeal to anybody. so now they are trying to cleave off certain segments and wave shiny balls in front of them to distract what they have been doing for the past two years on a policy front. >> sean: how bad is it when you have democrats talking about nancy pelosi not being speaker even if they were to hold on to a majority? >> this goes back to what we have been talking about for months. i mean, even leading up to this election. that was the intoo ight within their own party. it's disgusting for the american people to have to see that when we are looking for them during one of the most roughest parts this economy has ever seen to get us out of that you have got this infighting and calling names within their own party. it just goes back to that broader theme of lack of leadership, lack of a party taking responsibility for their own actions. i mean, this has people really scared right now, sean. >> sean: it really does. >> that's why the voters are
9:19 pm
going into this election seeking change. >> sean: the novel is the first female president, her husband, the first dude, is having sex with the reporter. >> don't you want to read it now. >> they are in love. >> sean: did your father read that book. >> he hasn't read it yet. if he hears that you have read it, my dad will read it. >> sean: "u.s.a. today" gave it rave review. i was very happy for you. >> thank you. >> sean: thanks for being here, guys. still to come, they are calling her, perhaps, the next sarah palin. we will introduce you to one of south dakota's congressional candidates who could take out one of the toughest democratic incumbents. she will join us next then michelle malkin coming up straight ahead. ♪ [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] got a cold? [ coughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] confused what to get? now robitussin makes it simple.
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>> sean: and in the final stretch to the mid terms, many are starting to talk about south dakota's congressional race in just the past three months the republican candidate kristi noem has raised $1.1 million, northeasterly doubling her opponent congressman stefanie herseth sandlin. noem leading sandlin 47% to 44%. dana perino sat down with noem to find out what she thinks of the wide array of women running for office this election cycle. >> there this someone of those cycles that a lot of women are stepping forward. that's what i'm doing. they have been running businesses and raising families and now they are speaking out for the citizens of this country. i think it's important for everybody in your demographic to be represented. so women do bring a different perspective to any discussion that's being had. >> sean: joining me now is south dakota congressional candidate the woman herself kristi noem. welcome to the program. thanks for being here.
9:25 pm
>> thanks for having me, sean. it's an honor. >> sean: did i notice that abc news in covering you, their headline was in south dakota, quote, another sarah palin question mark? a new republican star takes on a enough democratic incumbent. you had an interesting answer. you say i don't want to be compared to anybody. tell me why did you give that answer? >> you know, people in south dakota want to know that they have got somebody who is working for them and focused on representing them. that's what i am. i'm a typical south dakota dakota resident. i'm a farmer, ranker, run businesses, a wife, a mother. they want to know they have somebody in washington, d.c. that knows how they feel. i didn't want the outside distractions of other people and bigger figures to be putting an image upon me. i wanted to be kristi noem so south dakota knew my goal was to work for them. >> sean: maybe obvious comparison here because i did read you like to hunt elk with a bow and arrow. is that true?
9:26 pm
>> that is true. my brothers and i like to go elk hunting and have gone a few times. we appreciate it's a good way to relax. you should try it, sean. >> sean: listen, i'm going to go caribou hunting with sarah palin and try the elk hunting with you and maybe we will bring ted nugent along just for fun. you are similar in this respect to governor palin. i understand you want to be your own person and that's fine. you want to slash federal spending. you want a repeal of health care. you think that washington has gotten out of control. this is a seat though that has been held by a democrat. you are leading in the polls. what has happened in your district to have that turn around? >> well, you know, in south dakota, the incumbent has been elected by a wide margin in the past. but they are frustrated with washington, d.c., the policies that have come along. this administration and what they have been pushing and been able to pass. our congresswoman has not supported south dakota's agenda and they are holding her accountable this election season. they really want to have someone in washington, d.c. who is
9:27 pm
effective who just doesn't talk about how they voted. doesn't talk about bills they have proposed. they actually want somebody who is going to do something. that's why they are generating and coming towards me. >> sean: kristi, you have unbelievablably compelling life story. sadly i know your dad passed away. your dad ran a farm and had a ranch. why don't you tell the story. this has become a pretty interesting narrative about politicians that know nothing about life and somebody like yourself that has created jobs. what happened after your father passed away? >> i grew up on a farm and ranch and then was taking college classes and going to college in the state when my dad was killed in an accident on our farm. so then i came back and with our family pulled together to make our operation a successful, you know, what essentially happened is i was 22 years old. we got hit pretty hard with este taxes at that point in time. i started to recognize the impact that government and taxes had on small businesses and in an agricultural state like south
9:28 pm
dakota, started to get involved. some people running businesses knew the importance of a budget and how it impacted them every day that people needed that kind of representation. so we started several and have been impacted by several small businesses, ran a hunting lodge and a restaurant. my husband and i have an insurance agency as well. the people of south dakota want people that have that kind of experience. they have business experience. >> sean: did you start those businesses to sort of make up for the taxes that you had to pay because as i understood it, your farm and your family's ranch was in jeopardy because of the estate taxes. is is that true? >> we weren't in jeopardy of losing the farm but we definitely were impacted by the level of estate taxes that we had to pay. you know, had you to make decisions on if you were willing to sell land that had been in the family for generations or if you were willing to go into debt. so we went into debt to pay those estate taxes. it took us a number of years and made our bottom line tighter.
9:29 pm
that's the situation that higher taxes puts a lot of families in so we didn't decide to start the hunting lodge until i had an older brother and sister that wanted to move back to south dakota and be in business with the family. so we added the hunting lodge to add some diversification to the operation and it was a big success for making sure we could continue to work together as a family. >> sean: kristi noem a compelling life story. we appreciate your time. thanks for being with us. >> oh, i appreciate it thanks for having me, sean. >> sean: coming up, he is a member of the rent is too damn high party and he turned heads at recent gubernatorial debate in new york. now shocking details about his own living situation have been revealed. plus, maureen dowd fired the first shot against quote republican mean girls. now conservative women, they are fighting back. michelle malkin is fired up. she is coming up next straight ahead. i have asthma. and when my symptoms came back
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>> sean: all right. this election season the left-wing media has launched blistering attacks on the field
9:34 pm
of female g.o.p. candidates, comedian bill maher has relentlessly targeted delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell and now "new york times" columnist maureen dowd is jumping in on the fun. but believe it or not, she has the nerve to say it's the women on the right who are behind these negative attacks writing quote, we are in the era of republican mean girls, grown-up versions of those teenage tormenters, who would steal your boyfriend, spray paint your locker and just for good measure spread rumors that you were pregnant. dowd number of republicans in her column like jan brewer, whitman, governor palin. conservative women are not standing identically by. dana perino slammed dowd's column as quote stereotypical and uncalled for and in michelle malkin's latest column she turns the table on dowd by highlighting a group she labels the democratic extreme girls. here to talk about her exclusive club is the number one "new york times" best seller "culture of
9:35 pm
corruption." michelle malkin is back. first of all, this is sort of standard fare. what did you think of dowd's column? >> yeah, it was standard fare. if anyone knows catty, nasty and mean. it's maureen dowd. of course, if you are a liberal columnist and you use that tone and those tactics, you end up with a pulitzer prize. if you happen to have a sharp tongue and you are a conservative woman you become a huge target not only for the mainstream media but the rest of the democrat machine and the establishment. and i think it's rather amusing that maureen dowd and her ilk consider conservative republican women the greatest threats to our nation. when i think there could be no greater threat to our safety, to our freedom, to our families than so many of these democrat extreme girls who populate the white house. and my column talks about many of these radical women who are now in huge positions of power and could even have more power
9:36 pm
after the midterms. i think what it indicates is that this white house has no intentions at all of tacking to the center after the november election. >> sean: you say we are in the era of democratic extreme girls, big nanny hen maidens who demand control of your children, your health care, your energy use, your pocketbook. and your news. and that's just for starters. now, what i also found interesting, those are your words. you did a good job. very eloquent. but, then you name names. you talk about carol browner. you talk about kathleen sebelius. you talk about valerie jarrett. >> yeah. that's right. listen, the buzz in washington right now among plugged in liberals is that carol browner, the energy czar, the clintonista the knee on green radical who has had explicit ties to socialist organizations is possibly up for the white house chief of staff position to
9:37 pm
replace rahm emanuel. the atlantics mark amed bier floated this trial balloon this week and it's flabbergasting to me that they would even talk about such a possibility outloud. this woman was castigated by the independent oil commission, the bp oil spill commission for misleading the public numerous times last week. lying and fudging about statistics with regard to the oil spill. she has been muttering out loud about the possibility of ramming cap and tax down our throats during the lame duck session. and, of course, she has a long sorted history, much of it exposed by our mutual friend mark levine and landmark legal foundation during her time in the clinton years where she was essentially responsible for destroying information that was being sought in a legal case. >> sean: look at the women in the republican side that are being attacked, look at kristi noem, her life story is
9:38 pm
extraordinarily compelling. her father do is. she takes over the family farm and the family ranch. does an incredible job. she knows what it means to hire and fire and create jobs. governor palin, obviously, she keeps coming back, driving liberals crazy. jan brewer takes on the establishment, really brings attention to national security issue. i guess my question to you is, and you have lived through. this ann coulter has lived through. this any conservative woman i know has lived through. this what is it about conservative women that people want to attack, why? >> look, the fact is that i will take a republican momma grizzly who wants government to leave us alone any day over these democrat big nannies who want to increase their power and mettle in our lives increasing number of the electorate feel the same way, too. that's why the left is going nuts because there is nothing that makes the left more mad and insane than an unapologetic conservative woman who stands by her values and principles.
9:39 pm
the thing is, that all of these democrat women, whether it's nancy pelosi, or michelle obama who wants to dictate what is on our restaurant menu and in our kids' school menu, all of these women are defined by government power and by government bureaucracies. and there are some of these republican candidates who are defined by their home lives. and by businesses that they built on their own without taxpayer money. >> sean: i want to go an inch deeper though. i mean, all of these women are in their own right successful. you would think that, you know, this would be what the women's movement wanted. women that are able to manage and balance home life and a career. women that are successful. women that have achieved something. but i guess if you don't have the right viewpoint on abortion and on taxes and on socialism and on health care, you are an outcast. you know, it's just like when
9:40 pm
jerry brown's campaign we got this tape of meg whitman being called a whore. i was shocked by the national organization for women, even though i probably shouldn't be. >> right. i wasn't shocked at all. of course, the third book i wrote was called on unhinged. i documented case after case of the left going after republican women. we're seen as traders, whores, worse. and it isn't a good day for a conservative woman when they are not being called those names, at least 10 or 12 times a day. i am so proud of the conservative women who -- that's a whole different glossary for you. i'm sure have you saved your email on that. >> sean: i don't know i want you to say it, that's all. i know people at home can think it. >> you will be censors me left and right. i'm so proud of all the conservative women who have stood up and participated in the political process in a way that they never have. that is why the tea party is such a threat. that is why you have the naacp, the "new york times," maureen dowd, all trying to delee
9:41 pm
delegit mize a true graduate roots movement. i'm going to get the best birthday president ever on november 4th when this election turns people into jelly even more. >> sean: you let the cat out of the bag. ladies and gentlemen it is michelle's birthday. happy birthday, michelle. >> thank you. take care. >> sean: when we come back your great, great, great american panel next. ♪ male announcer ] opportunity is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere.
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9:46 pm
by the way i will take some. and she is a radio talk show host mary walter is back with us. guys, good to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> sean: little bit of fun going on this election season. nothing was better than the new york gubernatorial debate. the rent is too high. too damn high. watch this. >> i represent the rent is too damn high party. people working eight hours a day and 40 hours a week and some a third job. women can't afford to take care of their children, feed their children breakfast lunch and dinner. my main job is to provide a roof over your head, food on the table and money in your pocket. this is politics as usual. playing the silly game. it's not going to happen the rent too damn high. people can't afford to pay their rent. being laid off right now as i speak. they can't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. your child's stomach just growled. did you hear it? got to listen like me. >> sean: rent is too damn high. guess what? doesn't pay rent. >> good gig if you get it. >> sean: well, he is. >> one of the things that we
9:47 pm
have got to get started in this country is we need to figure out how these people that aren't paying rent should be paying rent. because, think about it all these foreclosures, got all these programs going on right now to keep people in their houses many of whom shouldn't be in the houses in the first place. the programs have not worked. >> sean: that's such a good point. in new york they have rent control. rent stabilization. you know what? i'm sorry, juan, the government has no right dictating what somebody will or will not pay for an apartment. you don't have to live in, you know, conveniently located midtown manhattan. can you live out on long island or new jersey or brooklyn or statin island. you know, do you support rent control. >> yeah. >> sean: of course. >> i love the slender of his mutten chops. i think what would you look like with this? a little bit of that deputy dog look. you know what i'm talking about. you would look marvelous, my friend. that would be you as more liberal. that was a hip younger sean.
9:48 pm
>> sean: you calling me fat old sean. >> no, no, no. hey. >> sean: last time you are on this program. >> you can't kick me out. kick your wife out but not me. here's the thing. you know what? you don't want people exploited. and so you fair rent that allow the owner of the property to make a profit but not exploit in new york city people get exploited. >> sean: do you know what rent control is? the government forcing owners of buildings at apartments to pay the rent of somebody else. supply and demand dictate in price, juan. you don't believe in freedom. >> wait, what is this? you know me. of course i believe in freedom. i don't believe in exploitation. capitalism has to have some limits so that you don't hurt people. >> sean: the price is offered. you either pay it or you don't. the government say well you can only charge x number of dollars. who are they to tell somebody of that. >> because of exploitation. >> sean: exploitation. >> they can't charge you whatever they want. >> sean: live somewhere you can
9:49 pm
afford to live. >> that's a good principle but this says we are going to make sure that there is some subsidies. there are subsidies to make sure there are mixed up housing. government has an interest in stable community. >> not getting any money for that apartment. >> not getting any money. >> sean: hundred bucks when the real market value is 3,000? why should that -- have to pay the $2,200 so he can have the convenience of living where he wants. >> got to get the government out of this stuff. we have making homes affordable deals. a million of these people. two thirds of them after 60 days are in default anyway. so the governments have got to stay out of our business, especially the capitalism business. >> what we have and i remember president bush had this ownership society trying to encourage people to own homes because it develops more stable communities. we want that. >> sean: this is what got us into the financial. >> i agree. this was a republican goal. just say it's some liberal, crazy, conspiracy sean. >> sean: warning that freddie
9:50 pm
and fanny were going bankrupt. >> sure. >> sean: we played the tape on this program. the whole community reinvestment act this notion that everybody should own a home whether they can afford it or not. the government forces banks and financial institutions to lower their standards and what a shock people can't pay their mortgage anymore. >> you are really wrong on this one. the government wanted to encourage people to own property. >> sean: that's what barney frank said. >> wanted to encourage people to observe properties. i think it's a good goal. the mistakes were made by the likes of fanny and freddie and the banks and wall street who saw they could make profits by giving mortgages to people who couldn't afford them. the -- absolutely corrupt. >> juan, i love you but you are wrong. listen, on my radio show a lady called me one day she made 49,000 bucks a year. she bought three condominiums with no money down in las vegas. she called up and said how can i get out of this? i'm going to lose all my money. >> she is crazy. that's one of the people flipping properties. they should have no protection. get them out of here.
9:51 pm
>> what makes me crazy is there are people who will go in and rent those properties who can afford the pay the landlord what it is worth. >> sean: he would empower the government to force citizens to subsidize people they don't know. >> i hate to break it to you but republicans and democrats already say we want to subsidize low and middle income people to live all over. >> sean: and we will continue. [ female announcer ] it's endless shrimp at red lobster.
9:52 pm
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9:56 pm
>> i'm glad to do it. if they give me 33% of schwabb hannity's salary. i want the boss to know right now i will take it. >> the point is that somebody else should subsidize you that's the point. >> imagine in america we are caring about people. >> i will tell you why. >> sean: i take a risk. i buy some apartment buildings. this is what you do for a living. you know economics. i buy apartment buildings and i want to rent out apartment buildings. we say and what can he afford. why should the government decide if i want to rent the apartment for 3,000, why do i have to rent it for 800 not just government by the people for the people. definitely said these landlords
9:57 pm
are exploiting people. >> rents far too high to justify their profits. sean. >> that's the problem we don't get rewarded for risk anymore in our society. that guy that owns the apartment is probably going to get sued about 8 times. spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on litigation. make less money and then my rent goes down because i can't afford it at the price it's at now because my income has gone down. >> sean: you are advocating prosecutor unadult rated socialism. >> new york is a socialist government. >> sean: honestly? game on and so is washington right now. >> i don't think so. i think that we have limits on capitalism when too much -- when people are being exploited. >> sean: empowering the government to liberally force charitable donations from investors to want the convenience of living in a beautiful apartment. wait a minute. i never thought.
9:58 pm
-- can't afford to live. >> that's your point earlier and i don't think rating agencies should unfairly say to people you can have this mortgage when, in fact, they know they can't afford it but the mortgage agency makes money off the deal so they get complicit. >> nobody wants to throw anybody out in the streets. let's make that clear. but the fact of the matter is when people are not paying their rent, it doesn't help them to keep them in the apartment. >> of course not. >> sean: when i was starting out my adult life and i had to buy 200 cars and $300 cars. you know why? that's all i could afford. based on your theory, g.m., ford, chrysler. wait a minute. the government should have forced them to give me the price that i wanted that i could afford so i can get the car that i like. >> caricature of the argument. >> there is no difference. >> you and i both started out trying to hustle, make a living. nobody is subsidizing you or me. all i'm saying to you in new
9:59 pm
york city where the rents are very high, you know what? people can be exploited and this was an attempt by the city council, the people of new york city. >> sean: nobody has a right. this is what is driving me crazy. nobody has a right to live in somebody else's property or building. what juan is advocating here a total, complete repealing of property rights in america. >> there is low income housing. >> that's right. >> you have got low income housing right now. the government subsidizes that go out and buy low income housing. >> thank you. >> there is nothing wrong with that. >> i agree with you but the government helps you. >> that's my decision. buy low income housing apartment building, i can do that but the government should tell you how much rent you should pay or how much you have to subsidize. >> tell you how much money you can make, that's ridiculous. >> sean: under juan's plan you won't have a bucket of money. >> you think this guy is an idiot. he is making money.


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